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LiveRight Vacations is a unique investor-oriented full-service short-term rental property management company specializing in Naples Park and Connors. We, as the Owners of LiveRight Vacations, own multiple short term rental investment properties in this area and pride ourselves on being the “experts” in this market from our own personal successful investments. Our entire LiveRight Team lives in Naples Park ensuring your home and your guests are always taken care.

Our platform maximizes your return by creating short term listings for your property, and then filling your property with the highest yielding renter. Not only “In Season” but throughout the year.


  • Our goal is to keep reservations coming. It is essential that the property is in its most pristine condition 24/7. To do this, each home is designated a personal “House Attendant” that will familiarize themselves with every aspect of your home. This attendant will do a pre check before guest arrival, a post check after guest departure, weekly and monthly checks to ensure your home is in wonderful condition at all times. Your house attendant will monitor your pool services, landscaping and any other vendor projects you mat have. We will schedule all cleaning services, which include both interior and exterior upkeep between guest reservations. Between rentals, our House Inspector, will conduct thorough inspections of the property to spot any potential issues that may need immediate attention.



  • From answering questions to scheduling reservations, your dedicated team of short term rental property managers will handle the entire booking process. Our team is trained in handling guest request and maximizing your calendar. Before anyone can rent the home they are required to sign an extensive rental agreement. In addition we require every reservation to purchase Rental Guardian insurance for an additional 3K in coverage for any minor incidents that may occur. Although we don’t foresee the need for many claims to be made our Team will handle the entire process if warranted. Our Team will handle any claims to be filed and credit each homeowners account when resolution has been made.

  • Your guests deserve a five-star experience. Whether it’s setting up a welcome gift, birthday celebration or just a nice bottle of wine, we will go the extra mile to ensure that your guests are taken care of. Each guest’s specific needs and requirements are noted by our short term rental property management experts, allowing us to provide the exact services that would make their stay extra special. Our services include professional cleaning, grocery delivery and stocking, welcoming guests, and much more.

  • We know what it takes to successfully market a short term rental. Traditional marketing strategies won’t work alone. Instead, they have to be paired with up-to-date techniques, such as listing the property on Airbnb, Vrbo, and internal marketing efforts. After hiring professional photographers and property stagers, we will market your rental on high-traffic websites to ensure that it receives as many bookings as possible.
    Inspections of the property to spot potential issues before it is too late.



  • We are committed to staying compliant with federal and state regulations. Short-term rental properties require specific licenses. We will take care of the paperwork and obtain all of the necessary licenses on your behalf. This allows us to continue providing high-quality short term rental property management services without worrying about hefty fines, legal trouble, and other complications.



  • An in-house team of trained accountants will manage your rental business’s accounts as part of our short term rental property management services. This includes overseeing reservation payment collection, remitting payments, preparing monthly financial reports, remitting taxes. Data relevant to the rental property will be reflected in the Owner X app. With our robust software integration our homeowners can see all important information from reservations, monthly/yearly financials, maintenance reports and various other features on demand.

-We were in “your shoes” several years ago and we know it is a very important step in choosing the right property management company. We’d love the opportunity to discuss specifics in regards to your property and answer any questions you may have.

Reach out to Danielle or Taylor at 1-239-260-4733